The G-Power BMW M3 RS Aero Pack With COR Forged Wheels 

If you were contemplating refurbishing the overall appearance of your car, rest assured that you would be spoilt for a choice of options. However, it would be in your best interest to look for the best available options to meet your specific needs. Among the several available options that you come across, your best bet would be carbon fiber body kits. Numerous benefits have been associated with the installation of carbon fiber body kits. 

Some benefits of using carbon fiber body kits 

Reduced weight and improved aerodynamics—drag reduction and downforce optimization—are the best techniques to enhance a sports car’s performance and racing in motorsports, racing, and performance tuning. Installing a new BMW Carbon Fiber aerodynamic body kit is one of the greatest methods to achieve both of these goals, and that is precisely what G-Power, the German BMW experts, have done with the BMW M3 coupe type. In addition to new COR forged wheels and a variety of other available options, the new upgrade kit, dubbed the RS aero pack, includes several BMW carbon fiber improvements to maximize the performance of the German sports car. 

The new aero pack for BMW 

Since the 1980s, the G-Power team has raced BMW models, and it presently competes in two distinct racing series in Germany using BMW race cars. Many of the skills and expertise they developed there, on the racetrack, have been turned into new products that have been shown to enhance vehicle performance in a variety of ways. The new RS aero pack was created using CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) technology, which includes wind tunnels, as well as the extensive experience gained on the track to help optimize practically every aspect of the car’s aerodynamics, from downforce to pushing air away from the COR forged wheels at both axles for better drag properties. 

How the parts fit perfectly 

The new G-Power RS aero kit for the BMW M3 is composed solely of autoclave-baked carbon fiber parts that fit perfectly without any additional modifications and are of OEM quality. A new carbon fiber splitter at the front of the sports vehicle generates downforce at the front axle. With a sophisticated design, a new BMW carbon fiber Parts cowl efficiently dissipates heat and cools components for maximum performance. For a faster top speed, a pair of side skirts help to direct air away from the rear COR forged wheels and reduce drag.