The Complete Handbook to buy Wrap Materials for Vans

Have you made up your mind, and you are going to turn the reliable van of yours into a unique mobile work of art? Awesome! Van wrapping Greenwood   is very effective marketing scheme to attract customers to your business.

You can showcase your personal style or simply turn your rides into mobile art. But before you unleash your inner Picasso on the sides of your van, there’s one crucial question. Will you go for matte/gloss or metallic? Or maybe carbon-fibre or any other special finish?

Tap into your imagination and consider the van wrap as armour – it’s guarding your paint job while attracting people. But just like selecting a costume for a knight, there’s no such thing as one-size fits all type of solution.

Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the right material for your moving wall of ads. With this, you will be confident that the shield you choose is the perfect fit.

1. The Material Matchmaker: Analysing What You Need

Before you start, think about the role of your van and the wrap’s life span. Short-term warriors: Do you want to create temporary coverage for the street to promote your event? This is when a cost-effective option like a basic calendared vinyl could be the better choice. Long-term champions: Thinking that you will use the wrapped van for years? No problem! Go for a premium cast vinyl that is more durable and resistant to fading.

2. The Weather Warrior: Forget the Elements!

Nature, the ultimate predator, never sleeps. If you reside at a locality that goes through a lot of hot summers or extremely cold winters then you have to ensure the outer cover is suited to the condition. Look for fabrics that have UV protection to stop the fading of your unique colours into a faded mess. For example, opt for a material with good cold flexibility to merge with the rivets and ends without easy cracking.

3. The Everyday Explorer: Keeping Your Wrap Ready for Combat.

Your van might be purchased for a variety of purposes, including travelling and adventurous activities. Whether battling grit and grime on the highway or trying to dodge rogue shopping carts in the parking lot, you’ll need to have a material that can take on everyday abrasion. Locate materials that are able to resist both scratches and cuts well. Go for it if it is relatively easy to clean – no one wants a dirty billboard.

4. The Grand Finale: Aesthetics and the Finishing Touches

Now, on to the exciting part – releasing your wonderful creativity! Countless van wrapping Greenwood materials are available in various finishes. It ranges from glossy to matte or even textured options such as brushed metal or carbon fibre. What is the total look you aim for? A glossy look will enhance the colours that pop, while a matte finish can also create a more elegant look.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to get some samples! Most reputable wrap shops will provide you with small pieces of different materials so you can see firsthand how the colours and textures look in person.

To wrap up

Choosing the right van wrapping Greenwood material is an investment. When you consider your needs and desired aesthetics, you can ensure your van is not only a conversation starter but also protected for the long haul. Now get out there and conquer the road with your battle-ready, beautifully wrapped masterpiece!