What Type of Commercial Vehicle in Singapore Do You Need?

Some people may ask why vehicle leasing in Singapore is an option when they cannot understand you need unfettered access to transportation. We are right to say that vehicle access is integral to a business. For example, if you want to grow your business, you must produce quality products or services. But production is almost impossible if you do not have any means of transporting raw materials into your facility or transporting goods to consumers. You will not be able to complete your logistics process.

The logistics process is a vital part of your operations. Logistics refers to the organisation of goods, materials, finished products, and more. Logistics acquires, stores, and transports resources from the origin point (raw material supplier) to the endpoint (consumer who uses the goods.

Acquiring and storing goods may be crucial, but logistics transportation aspects are what propels your business forward. And you cannot deliver your goods to your warehouses or consumers without a commercial vehicle. Businesses should consider investing in their fleet of commercial cars and other vehicles to complete their logistics objectives.

How do business and transportation methods link together?

We use private or personal vehicles as a way to ferry ourselves, our family, and our belongings. But many commercial vehicles need to transport items larger than private vehicles in quantity and size.A goods vehicle in Singapore might need space for large shipments. They might need to ship one item, but it is big enough not to fit in a standard private car.

Many businesses have special needs for transporting their goods. If they transport fine china, for example, they need to find ways to ensure that the glassware, plates, and other delicate items do not get smashed upon transit. You may need to transport personnel or executives in a commercial vehicle other times.

Only a commercial vehicle built to handle the packaging and size of shipments can handle the job. And a commercial vehicle that can comfortably seat everyone for a long journey is a necessity. Carefully think about the type of commercial vehicle you rent or buy.

What are some types of commercial vehicles you need?


Do not buy the first commercial vehicle type you want to get when you need one. You can find many vehicle types for commercial or business use. A commercial vehicle in Singapore is an asset for any business with people or items flowing from destination to destination. If your business has special needs, you can get the most out of the right commercial vehicle.

Here are some commercial vehicle types to consider.

1) A pickup truck

A pickup truck is a truck on the smaller end of the scale. It has an enclosed cabin area with a large, open-spaced cargo area with low sides. Its intuitive design means that you can get a wide variety of items onto the truck, but you may be limited if your items are precious cargo prone to loss or damage. Its open-top cargo area is susceptible to theft and you cannot bring overly large or delicate valuables into a pickup truck.

2) A mover truck

Any prime mover truck in Singapore should be equipped with the necessary tools available to help homeowners or office employees move their stuff safely to a new location. If you plan to start a moving company, then you are going to need to own a mover’s truck.

Likewise, if you need to move to a new location, then renting a moving truck is the best option. You can find moving trucks in almost every size, but most of them are big to accommodate the large volume of items that many people have when moving to new locations.

3) A semi-truck

Semi-trucks, or semi-trailer trucks, are trucks with 2 components. A semi-truck combines a tractor unit with a trailer or more than one trailer to carry freight and move around. A semi-truck type is what you should use if you have too many items to move around. A semi-truck is the largest one you can use for transporting your items. Consider a semi-truck if you have large shipments with bulky items like cars or furniture, or thousands of smaller items.

4) Buses

Similar to the passenger van, the bus is a vehicle that transports passengers. Bus companies use fleets of these vehicles to earn a profit transporting people. Buses are also much bigger than passenger vans, which makes them extra useful for other businesses. Many business managers might decide to rent a bus to transport their employees en masse to a single destination. Others might rent a bus to use as a shuttle for ferrying their employees. They also have large spaces for transporting cargo.

The bus is a commercial vehicle in Singapore that is seen everywhere and considered a crucial part of public transportation. As a business owner, you might use the bus fairly often for your company.

5) Passenger vans

Employees may need to travel for business reasons. For example, they may need to travel because of a conference or meeting. When that happens, you will need the right vehicle to help you transport your employees from one place to another. A passenger van is one of the best options for transporting employees.

On the commercial side, you can also use passenger vans as public transportation and earn money from transporting people. A passenger van is a smaller version of the bus and has similar purposes. You can use them for cargo and people. You can rent a passenger van if you need a shuttle for a small group of employees for a teambuilding activity.

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