What Are the Important Questions to Ask the Car Leasing Broker

Asking the right questions is important to find the right car at the car dealer. If you are renting a car for the first time, then you need not worry. We will tell you some important questions to ensure that you form the right decision. These questions will help you precisely evaluate a lease deal and head you in the correct direction.

Do You Provide Any Lease Specials?

A majority of automakers offer car leases at discounted rates to boost sales. Furthermore, these specials also provide substantial savings. It is important to check the car lease advertisement to find any additional expenses. 

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How Many Miles Are Included in The Car Lease?

Limited miles are okay for those who rarely drive a car. However, people will require at least 12,000 miles per year. There are a few drivers that will need more. So, before you sign the car rental contract, ensure that the lease allows for those enough miles. 

Do I Require Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance? 

At the time of a car lease, it is important to know the need for special insurance. GAP insurance covers any extra cost that the insurance firm would not be able to pay-out.

What Is the Residual Value of the Car?

The residual value shows the worth of the car at the termination of the rental period. It is the main constituent of a good lease. It is expressed in the form of the suggested retail price of the manufacturer. When the residual value of a car is high, then the lease payment will be low. Also, the difference between the residual amount and selling price will be smaller.

What Happens When the Car Lease Terminates?

The car will be inspected for any damages, wear and tear. After the inspection, the car is delivered back to the manufacturer along with the inspection report. Based on the report, either no charges or repair charges will be levied to the lessee. It is important to check the policy of the firm to get more accurate information. 

What Fees Does the Car Lease Have?

Shoppers look for ways to enhance their lease contracts by asking for any fee reduction or elimination from rental agreements. Fee amounts vary from one brand/bank to another. Though you can’t negotiate on disposition and acquisition fees you can get the car dealer to relinquish the security deposit.

Are There Any Additional Mileage Charges?

Mileage is one of the important factors that show the efficiency of the car. A lessee will be normally charged a fixed amount per mile as you go over. These charges vary based on the manufacturer so it is worth asking. 


By asking these questions, you will get clarity on all those things that will help get the right deal. The dealer will also get an impression that you have done good research and are knowledgeable about this field. In this way, you will get a lease that will help you save money and get a pleasant driving experience.