Five Mandatory Safety Features Installed in Every 2021 Mercedes Benz Model     

Luxury cars that wear the brand name Mercedes Benz always will have something new to talk about. This time, it is the lengthy list pf mandatory safety systems, that will be installed in all the 2021 model year products from the house of Mercedes Benz. The list counts more than eleven safety features, out of which we have selected only five, that appeared to us as the most innovative of all. We paid a visit at the Mercedes Benz dealership Montreal to gather the list, but they took pleasure in demonstrating us practically how these systems work, which was impressive enough for us to share them with you all.

  1. Advanced Emergency Braking

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a PRESAFE system that can sense an impending collision much ahead of time. It can also detect greater drive danger like heavy skidding. Thanks to the ultra-sensitive proximity sensors, that instantly informs the onboard computing system of the vehicle, about its findings. The system immediately enables the automatic gear change, starts tightening up the front seat belts automatically, and also adjusts the head restraints. It moves next to closing the windows and the sunroof and engage the brakes, to bring the car to a complete stop after slowing it down in time.

  1. Interlocking System with Alcohol Detection

It is a known fact that mere textual instructions and even fines against driving after consuming alcohol are not able to stop this nuisance. So, as a leading manufacturer Mercedes Benz took to innovating a new feature named Alcohol Interlock Installation Facilitation. It works with a device that needs the driver to exhale into the interlock equipment and repeat the action for a few seconds before keying the engine. Once done, the device will automatically generate a reading that will indicate the breath alcohol level of the driver. If the reading supersedes the legally allowed limit in a state, then the vehicle engine will refuse to get started.

  1. Detection for Drowsiness and Attention

Mercedes-Benz introduces an ATTENTION ASSIST feature in all of its 2021 year models. It is there to understand the behavioral pattern of the driver, by reading his eye movements, which will automatically let the system know of the driver is inattentive or drowsy. In such case, the system will start making a noise, to alert the driver and bring him to his senses.

  1. Attention Assist

The DISTRONIC PLUS is the name of a safety feature in every Mercedes Benz of the year 2021, that will detect the distraction level of the driver, and act upon it, along with the PRESAFE Brake feature that will slow down the car automatically and stop it altogether.

  1. Emergency Stop Signal

This feature is meant to flash the hazard warning lights automatically at the event of any emergency stop to alert other cars. The staff member who attended us at the Montreal Mercedes Benz dealership shown it to us, how all these feature works.