Bald Tires Can Be Dangerous To Everyone On The Road

Driving with worn-out and bald tires is dangerous. Tire-related crashes happen every year because drivers opt to continue driving their cars with faulty, defective, and under-inflated tires. The treads of your tire play an important role in ensuring that the car will travel in the direction it is steered to. If the treads are worn out, it will be difficult to control the car on a wet and slick road. 

The danger of bald tires

When too much heat builds up – During driving, friction is created between the tires and the surface of roads. Friction creates heat and too much heat may cause a blowout that will make it difficult to control the car, particularly at high speed. The materials used in making tires are chosen carefully to withstand fairly high levels of heat. However, tires can be unsafe if the surface temperature reaches a certain limit. Treads keep the tires cool because it allows air to flow between the grooves. Bald tires no longer have grooves so that heat can build up to unsafe levels. 

Increased risks of hydroplaning – Hydroplaning may occur if a layer of water gets between the tire and the surface of the road. Modern tire treads patterns have deeper grooves that can channel water away from the tire so that a firm grip is maintained on the road when it is raining. Treads wear over time and their grooves become shallower. There is an increased risk of hydroplaning because the grooves are no longer effective in driving water away from the tire.  

Difficult handling in snow and ice – Driving through roads covered in snow can be risky unless you have snow tires that have wider and deeper grooves. Winter tires also come with “sipes” or small thin grooves or channels that are cut into the edges of the treads. Sipes improve traction by providing more surface area to grip the road and minimize the danger of spinning. Similar to treads, sipes also wear away. 

Loss of air pressure – Bald tires tend to lose air pressure faster than tires with good tread depth. When tires are worn out and under-inflated, they lose air pressure more quickly so that they can’t grip the road properly even when they are dry. It becomes more difficult to steer the car and can cause the car to skid during sudden stops. 

You can tell that your tires are bald after a visual inspection. The treads are gone and the surface is smooth. If the tires are completely bald, they have to be replaced immediately. If one or two tires in the set of four are bald, it is a sign that the car may be out of alignment. Before replacing the tires with new ones, have the car inspected by a car mechanic. 

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