Tesla shares jump 5% after reporting fifth consecutive quarter of profits

Elon Musk’s electricity and renewable energy company Tesla reported results for the third quarter after Bell on Wednesday. The stock rose 5 per cent in pre-market trading on Thursday as the company exceeded expectations for EPS and revenue and reported earnings for the fifth consecutive quarter. Tesla’s strategy is to enter an advanced market where customers are willing to pay a premium and drive the market to a higher and higher price as quickly as possible.

Despite Tesla’s difficulties, the company was able to register 400,000 models 3 reservations, proof that not only Tesla vehicles passed the acceptance test but also the implementation of the Musk strategy. There is also evidence that this has been possible since the start in 2006. The company has approximately 45,000 employees worldwide. We believe that the United States will focus more on electric cars and renewable energy. For this reason, we expect the price of the Tesla share to reach 3,000 over the next five years. For that, the company must avoid serious accidents and Elon Musk must move on. These two factors help to increase the share price.

Market Communication Planning of Tesla

To achieve Tesla’s goal of increasing the number of electric vehicles available to traditional customers, the company must announce a marketing communication plan that requires consistent and targeted marketing communication in all media. The message received from the product status declaration must be consistent, consistent and frequently communicated. In addition, it should be designed to educate potential customers about the benefits of other electric, hybrid or petrol vehicles and encourage them to visit Tesla stores to test their products in the field.

The gearbox’s supercar shows performance and actually accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, and it has a speed of 0 to 60 mph or 60 mph. At 110,000, it was certainly not the cheapest option, but it does benefit from a number of concessions and concessions to the final prices and tools offered by customers. This vehicle has a 53 kW lithium-ion battery. It has a range of 200 miles per.

Because the products can meet customer expectations and the company sells by increasing its revenue, we can say that TSLA stock is not very valuable. Car revenues amounted to DKK 6.6 billion. Or  1% of the total quarter. Excluding statutory credit, the automotive industry’s gross margin increased to 18.7% to 23.7%. During the quarter, Tesla credited $ 7 million to employers, doubling the amount of “green” credit compared to the previous year.

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