SW-Motech KTM 790 Adventure Engine Guard

Just like cars, motorcycles need to be maintained as well. This is a responsibility of bike owners not just for their safety but also for other motorists and for the protection of the environment. But unlike auto, motorcycles aren’t that difficult to maintain, and you can even do it yourself. 

Some essential parts that need regular checking are your motorcycle’s engine oil, fuel, coolant, spark plugs, and air filters. But all these are just the internal parts. What most bike owners tend to forget is that they must also take care of the external components of their motorcycle. Your motorcycle engine guard is one of the most important exterior parts you must take care of.

Engine guards, or crash bars, are engineered to protect the engine from the ground in case your bike goes down. While no bike owner would be intentionally careless and drop their motorbikes, accidents can happen. And even the most skilled riders can sometimes flip their motors. Thus, installing engine guards is truly a must. 

There are many engine guards available in the market. But the SW motech crash bars are one of the most reliable engine guards. The SW-Motech KTM790 Adventure Engine Guard is much bigger and heavier than other crash bars because it was built for a specific purpose.

Because aside from protecting your bike’s engine, it also protects your fuel tank, exhaust header, and catalytic converter. The engine guard is made of a single sheet of 4 MM thick brushed aluminum. The KTM 790 Advanced is approximately 8 KG in weight. While the engine guard only weighs in at 4.4kg, it has mounting hardware and a heavy-duty sub-frame are heavy-duty that adds to its overall weight. 

Anyone familiar with motorcycles can install this engine guard within 1 to 1.5 hours. However, the installation time can even be faster with a professional mechanic.

This article by Motorrad provides a more in-depth review of the SW-Motech KTM 790 Adventure Engine Guard.