Some Lesser Known Facts on Auto Service We Learned from Ford

As soon as we bought a new Ford model this year, we were offered a complimentary service from the dealership at their authorized service center. When we visited the Des Moines Ford service center, run by the same dealership from where we purchased our car, we fortunately had an in-depth discussion on its servicing, that we really didn’t think about earlier, and had different perspective on the whole aspect of car repair and maintenance. This discussion did made us well aware of some lesser known facts on auto services that helped us maintain our Ford model with much ease which ensured us a peace of mind, whenever we went for a long road trip with our Ford car.

Difference in Repair Services

Earlier we had little knowledge about the fact, how the auto repair and service industry runs. We didn’t give much thought about how authorized auto service centers are different from the private garages. The latter which we often come across all along the cities, do offer several packages of auto services, but are divided into two major categories, one focusing on the mechanisms that make the vehicles run, and the other dealing only with the static physical parts of the car, which has not got any direct contribution to the movement of the cat, but the car cannot be driven either without fixing many of these body parts. The former category describe themselves as Auto Repair Centers, while the latter call themselves as Auto Body Repair Shop. Here what is most important to remember is that, neither of these categories will accept any service order, that belongs to the other category.

But at a brand authorized service center, like any Ford service center, like the above-mentioned one, all the services will be done under the same roof, and it is a single package, where the services belonging to the two different categories are treated with equal importance, once the car owner agrees to undergo the treatment his or her car needs.

Certified and Factory Trained Mechanics

When you enter any brand authorized service center, a certain protocol will be followed without fail, and where it is guaranteed that only factory trained and certified mechanics will touch your car, using advanced machinery, to reduce the chance for any human error. But at a private garage, unless it is well-reputed, you cannot be sure of this fact that your car will not be handled by any novice and inexperienced hands.

Brand Approval is Important

The team of mechanics who serve at the center of Ford service in Des Moines explained yet another important aspect of car maintenance and repair services.  They logically explained how the specifications prescribed for each and every part of the car by its manufacturer is important. They showed us how things deteriorate in a car, when one uses aftermarket parts instead of the original OEM ones. But this aspect is given due importance only at brand authorized service centers, and cannot be guaranteed at any private auto service center.