Reasons Why Vehicle Springs Snap

Common Reasons Why Springs Break in Vehicles

When it comes to vehicle springs it’s important to ensure they are well maintained to help prevent any issues with them. Spring issues commonly occur due to too much added weight or poor maintenance and below we’ll cover the most common reasons for vehicle spring problems and if you’d like to find out more about springs, click here.

Whether it’s a truck, van or car, the springs in the suspension system are prone to issues when they aren’t cared for correctly and they can be quite costly to replace or repair depending on the issue. It’s important to always consult with a trained mechanic if your springs are suffering from problems.

Top 5 Reasons For Spring Problems


Sadly rust is an issue for all types of vehicles and parts, rust can’t be stopped all together but it can be slowed down and well cared for parts, and ensuring springs are cleaned and dried regularly will help to prevent rust and slow down the rusting process.

Poor Maintenance

One of the most common reasons for springs to break is poor maintenance. Poor maintenance can lead to issues such as cracks and rust, which can cause issues with the suspension system or the springs to snap. Springs such as coil springs and leaf springs should be well cared for to prevent issues.


With this one there is sadly nothing that can be done. The older vehicles get the more prone they become to issues and it’s easy to see why suspension and springs are commonly affected as they are exposed to the elements under the car. Regular servicing and maintenance will help to identify any issues with springs before they become a major problem.

Excess Weight

All vehicles have a maximum load weight they can bear and when this becomes exceeded either once or often, it will cause springs to crack or snap. Before loading your can with anything that might seem heavy, you should check what its maximum load capacity is. The load of the car should also include the weight of the driver and any passengers.

Poor Quality Parts

There is a chance that the springs might already have been replaced in the vehicle and it could be that they have poor quality parts installed. Parts that don’t meet OEM specifications will lead to severe issues with the suspension and it’s likely the springs will fail naturally.