Luxury Car Rental Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About

Driving a Dreamline luxury car rental in Los Angeles can make your next trip better and more unforgettable.

However, just like anything else in life, you need to consider a few things first before you rent any luxury car out there. Get the best out of the usually pricey car rental experience. This article gives you a heads-up of the tips you should know when renting luxury cars in LA.

Accept the Additional Services and Enjoy Them

Renting an exotic or luxury car often comes with an additional layer of service. Instead of paying hefty airport taxes, you can have the rental car delivered right to the doorstep of your hotel or home.

Half Days are a No-No

Generally speaking, car rental contracts count a full rental day as 24 hours or less. What makes luxury car rental different is that the daily rate is significantly higher. If possible, it is best to avoid half days.

For instance, consider hiring a chauffeured car that will pick you up from the airport and then have the luxury car delivered the next evening before the start of your actual trip. Avoid wasting a rental charge for a full day on just several miles between your hotel and the local airport.

Inspect the Car

Many car rental companies will do their best to guarantee that you won’t be held liable for damages that you didn’t cause in the first place. But most cars usually have quick turnarounds and no matter how meticulous an inspector is, some details may still be missed.

Be sure to take your time in doing a scrupulous inspection and walkaround around the luxury car to check if there are preexisting damages to prevent obscurities once you return the vehicle. Take note of all the dents, scratches, and other marks on the checkout form of the car rental contract.

Watch out for the rims where damages most often occur when it comes to rental cars. Take a photo of the entire car and every rim to make sure that you have time-stamped pictures that can serve as your evidence for older existing damages before your actual rental.

Avoid rushing to return the car, either, and see to it that when you check in the car back, ask for a signature to prove that you are on time, and everything is in order.

Monitor the Included Mileage

Consider the mileage required for your trip before renting a luxury car to avoid any pricey surprises for additional mileage.

This included mileage is usually limited to up to 150 kilometers a day. This is not that much and for a Ferrari, an additional one kilometer can easily cost you several dollars, depending on the specific model of the car.

Be Aware of Your Coverage

Luxury car deposits may vary depending on model and make and are often held as reservations on the credit card of the renter. Make sure you check your private travel insurance. You also need to consult the issuer of your credit card and check if the travel insurance will cover payments for eventual damages.