How to Take Care of Your Tesla & Maximize Resale Value 

Owning your first Tesla would be a great feeling. The serene engine, great handling, and quick acceleration would be a boon for the Tesla owner. Rest assured that everything in your new Tesla would be state-of-the-art. These aspects and more make Tesla the safest car worldwide. 

However, the shiny and glimmering car could become a point of concern later. The major reason would be the vehicle tends to lose its charm after a few years of use. It would suffer the inevitable wear and tear once you take it on the road. You cannot keep your Tesla inside the garage forever. 

You might wonder how to take care of your Tesla Aftercare and maximize resale value. Do not fret, as the tips given below would help you keep your Tesla in showroom condition. 

Keeping your Tesla clean 

Cleanliness would be imperative and simple for maintaining the resale value of your Tesla. Rest assured that nothing beats regular cleaning to keep your car new. Moreover, regular cleaning would keep your vehicle safe from the buildup of dirt and stains. It would also protect your car from expenses incurred to remove dirt and stains from the vehicle. Ensure that your Tesla remains in the best condition. It would benefit you immensely during resale. 

Avoid parking your Tesla in the sun 

Rest assured that the sun has a huge rivalry with your Tesla. UV rays of the sun could fade the paint along with heating the interior of the vehicle. It would give you an uncomfortable driving experience. After the sun has scorched away the shine, the resale value of the vehicle would reduce significantly. Therefore, ensure to park your Tesla safely from such consequences in the shade. In the event of you were unable to find a suitable shady parking place, consider using a car cover to maintain the quality of your vehicle for a significant length of time. 

Caring for the interior of your Tesla 

Ensure to keep the remarkable interior of the Tesla in the way they were when you got the vehicle from the showroom. It would be beneficial to enhance the resale value of the car. Consider waxing the interiors of the car to avoid the harsh sunlight hampering the beauty of the car. 

Should you apply the ceramic coating? 

The ceramic coating and vehicle wraps would enhance the life of the exterior of your Tesla. It would be beneficial in enhancing the resale value of your car. Moreover, the ceramic coating would ensure less maintenance because the slickness of the coating does not allow road tar, brake dust, or dirt to stick on the glass, wheels, or paint. 

It would be worth mentioning here that adequately maintained Tesla would remain shining new for a significant length of time.