How to Make Car Batteries Last Longer

To make sure you don’t get stranded in the middle of your journey, you need to know the basics of your car mechanisms. However, before you delve deeper into the more complicated systems like the engine or the exhaust system, you need to start with the batteries and the electrical system that connects the vehicles with their source of power or fuel. Hence, the more you know about your car battery and its electrical system, the less probability that you’ll face trouble in your journey or get stuck in the middle. At the center of Winslow battery testing & replacement, we received some valuable information on car batteries that we felt was worth sharing.

From them, we got to know that on average, a car battery is meant to last from three to five years straight, but factors like driving habits and regular exposure to extreme climatic or driving conditions can affect the lifespan of the car batteries. That is when a small battery test after a vigorous drive can give you a clear picture of how much battery life the car is currently left with.

How the Car Batteries Work

The car batteries provide the vehicles with all the necessary jolt of electricity to make all of its electrical components work at once. Even with a perfect mechanism ready under its hood, a car will not become movable if its battery power has drained out or died. If that makes you curious, then here’s a brief explanation of how car batteries work. Inside the box of the battery pack, a chemical reaction is initiated and processed to bring the car into action. The car battery is designed to convert chemical energy into electrical energy in the necessary amount to power the car while delivering the required voltage to its engine starter and also keeping it stabilized.

Symptoms of Trouble

Your car guides you through various indications as well as early symptoms whenever any of its parts are trapped in a trouble. This also includes the car battery. These symptoms will indicate whether a temporary recharge will enable the battery again, or if it will need a complete replacement.

Slow Cranking of the Engine:

If the car battery is not having enough juice to run the car well, the car engine will show the first symptoms. It will give you a sluggish start than usual ones or will create noise.

Check engine light:

The Check Engine Light is yet another way to know when the car battery is not at full power. The said indicator light will flash the message “check engine” on the dashboard if the engine is not deriving good enough power to run.

How to Maintain a Good Battery Lifespan

To make sure your car battery lasts as long as it is meant to, you need to prevent it from being drained out or exhausted out of its juice. Keeping the electrical components turned on for a long or using all of them simultaneously for hours together can drain out the car battery. Sometimes, leaving the car door open by mistake can also do the same harm to the car batteries, warned the team of mechanics who offer Winslow battery replacement service.