Check out Features of 2020 Genesis G70 before Getting It

The 2020 Genesis G70 model is a sports sedan mixed with luxury vehicles’ aspect. Smooth powertrain, lively handling, classy interior, and more; this make its rivals either not fun to drive or has less detailing than this but is costlier. It is a model that you should take a test drive of whenever walking into a Genesis dealership. However, before going around and taking test rides, simply get an insight into this vehicle.

Different engines for ample power

The standard G70 2.0T consists of a 2L turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It creates a 252 horsepower for automatic 8-speed transmission, while the manual one gets 255 hp. AWD drivetrain is optional on most versions. With Sports package equipped, manual variant offers the thrills one is looking for when driving such a car.

For the best experience when buying G70, it is always better to choose the V6 3.3L model. This twin-turbo generates 365 horsepower and a whopping torque of 376 lb ft. From the engine’s thrust to its ability to reach 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds makes it a thrilling ride for every car enthusiast.

In addition, the G70 offers balanced handling and riding characteristics that makes it better than any of its competitors in this category. Even on uneven surfaces, the suspension makes the journey smoother than any other vehicle can offer.

Lastly, it offers fuel efficiency better than most of its rivals in this division. In cities, it offers 22 mpg while on highway it will provide 30 mpg, which is far better than most of the other cars offer in this division. The V6 engine; however, offers lesser mileage. It offers 17 mpg in cities and 25 mpg on highway.

2020 G70 models and their prices

The simple 2.0T model’s range starts from $36,475 and the 2.0T Sport version’s price starts from $39,525. Lastly, the 3.3T variant’s cost starts from $45,675. Though, the base models are not bad, but if an individual really wants to know how powerful and comfortable 2020 G70 is, then there is no other way to go than choosing the 3.3T V6 engine version.

Additionally, one should upgrade it by simply adding Elite package. It contains heated steering wheel, windshield wipers with rain sensing ability, ventilated seats, parking sensors, wireless charging pad, and more. It is definitely the car to own after visiting a Genesis dealer.

Interior beauty and comfort

G70 offers a luxurious feeling when sitting inside this vehicle. Its remarkable build quality along with outstanding materials makes it attractive to all. Its straightforward controls and a layout that’s driver-centric caters to the needs of every driving enthusiasts. Decorative and bright-work stitched seats give it a look that even costlier luxury sedans fail to achieve. Moreover, this vehicle is equipped with smartphone integration, touchscreen display, etc.

Though, it starts at such a reasonable rate, Genesis has left no stones unturned when manufacturing this vehicle. From luxurious designs to powerful engine, comfortable ride, and more; the 2020 G70 offers you all. Only thing left for you is to book one today!