Briefing the Concept of Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030From Mazda

Mazda has announced theirupcoming project “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030,” in which they spoke about envisioning and manufacturing a bunch of long-term surviving technologies for the vehicles. It is all about finding out a sustainable way of vehicle usage. Though the project names the year 2030 it has already started the process of implementation.

From a reliable source we know from the famous Mazda dealer Tempe we could get a closer perspective of the “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” project of Mazda that was conceptualized way back in the year 2007.The concept is focused mainly on striking the right balance between driving pleasure and maintaining an excellent environmental footprint while the technologies will keep safety as the top priority.

Taking A Closer Perspective

The “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” is a project name that Mazda coined for its new generation vehicles that will be built in with a new bunch of technologies. All this will work in tune with each other towards bringing back the greener patches on this planet that has been devastated because of the human interference.

It is now all about taking a longer-term perspective to set the right fundamental structure for the automobile industry that will aim at providing easier solutions to transportation issues, maintaining the atmospheric balance,  and attaining a greater social value for automobile in the minds of people.

In other words the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 is vision of Mazda thinkers that is purely focused on three major elements,  the planet earth, society, and its people.

Solving the Earth Issues

Mazda’s “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” is taking the right stand towards bringing out a solution in terms of transportation where everything will work towards easing out the way people move while causing no harm to the nature and the planet. It is taking a step forward  towards this conservation of nature by finding out the best way in which nature and cars can coexist without infringing on each other’s territory.


This is yet another concept that will merge with Mazda’s “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” project to make it materialize. With the well-to-wheel approach Mazda will be taking expansive measures to reduce the harmful emissions like carbon dioxideand carbon monoxide throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle.

Working Towards the Society

It is to make sure that people will be entitled to enjoy more unrestricted mobility, Mazda is on a mission to develop advanced safety technologies based on its own Proactive Safety philosophy, that will eliminate the chances of road accidents. Starting from making the perfect driving position for all drivers, attaining good visibility for both the drivers and all the passengers, and sketching an ideal pedal layout will be included in this project, which we already see in Mazda’s i-Activsense packages.

Serving People at Large

A senior staff of the Tempe Mazda dealership explained that finally the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 of Mazda is another name for the automaker’s mission to enhance the user friendliness of the car where the driver and people will feel safe on roads wit the help of error free technologies.