Are you going to settle in Dubai? Before you take the final step, learn all about car licenses in UAE!

If you wish to settle in UAE, you must have your car license. It becomes really convenient to work, travel with family and do all sorts of things if you can move around in your own car. If you are a citizen or only a resident, for getting a car license yourself, you must apply to a driving institute that is registered. You must attend all the classes and pass the necessary tests to get your car license. A new driving license that the citizens or the other nationalities get after the competition of the tests is valid for two years.

Who is eligible for the license?

The license is issued only to individuals who are medically fit and are above the legal age. The minimum age criteria have to be fulfilled before you get your car driving license, the limit for which is eighteen years.

The required procedures and documents

There is a traffic file to be opened, the documents required for that are:

  • Copies of both the residence visa page and the passport
  • An original id card from emirates and a copy as well
  • Two photos
  • Reports of I-Test
  • A no objection letter is required from the sponsor and if it is required from the related traffic department as well

The procedure to be followed for applying for the car license is as follows:

If you have attained the legal age for getting a car license in UAE you must apply and follow the below-mentioned procedure. It is a simple process but very rigorous.

  • Your eye test is mandatory. You could get it done at the driving school or the optician
  • The driving school that you register in must be approved by RTA and you must submit all the necessary documents mentioned above
  • You could obtain your learner’s permit and Dubai driving license and start the training
  • You must complete all the theory classes that the driving school offer, you can choose the online option as well
  • Once you pass your theory tests only then you can move to the practical training
  • Once you are done with the practical training you can go for the internal assessment
  • Once you do well and complete your internal assessment, you have to proceed to your classes on the city roads and highways
  • If you pass the parking test internally, the school can file the application for your RTA test
  • You have to pass the test and then the final road test of the RTA
  • You get the eligibility for a license

If you fail to attempt the test for the first time, you have to complete additional seven pieces of training before you appear for your second road test.

You can check out the following tips to check your RTA theory test:

  • Reading and understanding the RTA handbook properly without fail is very important
  • It is very important that you practice as much as you can, the mobile app by RTA helps you do that
  • It is very important that you memorize all the road and traffic signs
  • There are many mock tests that you can take to assess your preparation

The uae driving license gives you the freedom to be independent and drive your car around Dubai. On the last day, you prove that you can drive the car well to the examiner. So be very attentive and vigilant. Once you get the car license you just have to get the renewals done on time and you are good to go.