Advantages and uses of i3S technology

The new system of i3S technology is developed by hero motocorp companies. They are providing this technology to improve the mileage and riding condition of your bikes. It helps to reduce fuel consumption for your vehicle. This system stands for an idle stop-start system which is defined as the system can switch off the engine automatically when it moves to halt. It provides a simple way to start your bike with a soft press of the clutch. This system can put your bike engine into hibernate or sleep mode when your bike is in halt. Super splendor reviews of this technology will flow the high-value ratings in the market.

Features of special technologies


The price of the bike will be differentiated into various features such as mileage, engine spares, coverage’s etc. so hero splendor plus i3S price is based on the following variants like automatic start stops, self with alloy wheels, kick with alloy wheels etc.


Mileage depends on your driving. The real mileage is 63 kmpl and it delivers a better mileage of 95% of commuters. It offers many options and that helps to consume the fuel and give more mileage performance for your bikes.


Hero’s idle start-stop bike has a top speed technology of 94 kmph. It is more comfortable for rash riders and it helps to improve rider’s style and performance.


Ismart bikes can reduce the fuel cost and it gives high mileage. An I3s technology bike has a fuel tank capacity of 11 litres petrol. It provides a better mileage of 63 kmpl. This technology will function your bike by turning off the engine when the bike is halted and the gear is in neutral. It helps to reduce the fuel cost level for your vehicle.


It is a revolutionary green technology which shuts your engine automatically when it is in idle. It can improve the performance of your bike’s engine and make it with good condition. This system can put your engine into the hibernate mode or in sleep mode.

Advantages of i3S technology

  • Fuel consumption is reduced up to 5% to 10% in city driving
  • The engine restarts within 300+ milliseconds and in complete silence
  • It will eliminate engines noise and vibrations when the vehicle is at a temporary standstill
  • It consumes an implementation cost so it is not so high
  • The engine stops and restarts automatically
  • It is used for increasing the mileage level your bikes under economical ridings

Conditions to stop the engine automatically

  • Vehicle speed is zero
  • Gearbox in neutral
  • I3S features should be on

Conditions to start the engine automatically

  • Engine speed is zero
  • Vehicle speed is zero
  • The gearbox is in neutral
  • Clutch is pressed fully

Final thoughts

I3s system which is the more affordable system and useful to all the vehicles to save fuel, nature and global warming. It helps to improve your mileage and maintains with the minimum usage of fuel consumption. It will reduce emissions and noise and help to maintain a green environment.