A Comprehensive Guide To ATV/UTV Shipping

You may have come across words like MOV, ROV, UTV, etc. They are similar to sports cars. UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle. ATV shipping refers to transporting a vehicle safely from one place to another.

You need to make sure that you hire an authorized shipping service. You need to consider a few things like good shipping service, documents, etc. before executing your plan.

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Things to consider before shipment

  • Basic knowledge

You should always be aware of the insurance policies of the shipping service provider and their track record. You should check the feedback that the company has received for their services as it will help you in knowing the quality of their work. Discuss all your requirements with them and only hire them when you are sure that your vehicle is in safe hands.

  • Make a list

You should make a list of what are you going to need while availing of the shipping service. This will aid you in easing your shipment process. Include information like model of your UTV and the locations (both pickup and delivery points). You may even add images of your vehicle to help the shipper know what you are going to ship.

  • Select the shipment method

There are two methods of transporting your ATV safely.

Open car transport

In this case, your vehicle will be transported on a free trailer. This means that the ATV will be exposed to the outer environment. It is comparatively a low-cost service but poses risks of damage to your vehicle.

Enclosed car transport

This method ensures that your ATV is protected from any kind of damage during transit. There will be zero exposure to the surroundings as your vehicle will be transported in a box truck after packaging safely.

  • Calculate the cost of shipping

The cost of shipping depends on a variety of factors like the location of shipment, quality of your vehicle, that is, if it is in running condition or not and the time it will take to reach its desired location.

In the case of long-distance transport service, the cost is $300 to $500. In the case of a short-distance transport service, the cost is $100 to $300. It is better that you have an idea about the expenses so that you can fix your budget too.

  • Opt for best shipping service

Look out for all the service providers and figure out the qualities they will be beneficial for you. They should provide good customer service. Your vehicle should be in safe hands. They should give you proper shipping tips too.


Choosing the right shipping service will aid in easy and fast delivery. They should always be available for any kind of queries and should provide you with the best rates.

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