2022 Passport: The Best Compact Crossover SUV from Honda

The Honda Passport has already captured the current market of the crossover SUV segment in a nutshell. As more number of people is gravitating towards the larger sized crossovers, leading auto brands like Honda needed to make yet another vehicle model to show in their new year lineup. That itself is enough to explain the fact why more number of newer models in this segment is adding every season.

The Honda Passport is a new member to the family of crossovers in the Honda inventory. It has squeezed itself somewhere between the midsize CR-V model and the three-row crossover Pilot. Rather one can say that the Passport is the new form of Pilot that has lost its third row to cater the smaller sized families, and their compact transportation needs. On the flip side, the 2022 Honda Passport has added some better off-road capability than its sibling Pilot, meeting the expectations of those who want to experience higher drive thrill, when they are free from the daily commutes and has the time to explore new destinations in leisure time, suggested the sales advisor of the Emeryville Honda dealer.

Best Crossover Qualities

The 2022 Honda Passport is also spacious and hence is more comfortable than many compact family SUVs. So, if you are ready to ride a 2022 Honda Passport we can assure that it will surely feel good on the road. The 2022 Honda Passport maintains a high ground clearance, that see to it that no road imperfections can touch the serenity of the inside cabin. That is how the Honda crossover could consistently deliver a comfortable ride to all of its occupants, irrespective of the seats they have occupied.

What more? Those who love the experience of driving with all-four-wheels, the 2022 Honda Passport models offer them that system to ensure it offers all those qualities that will make it tagged as one of the best compact crossovers this year. Long road trips and weekend camping excursions are the forte of the 2022 Honda Passport models. What makes the 2022 Honda Passport models all the more handy and useful for the driver and the passengers alike are the advanced technology features that minimize the manual efforts with automated ones.

The users can also tailor make the cabin of their 2022 Honda Passport with the best entertainment units by installing the optional 10-speaker audio system while the drives get safer with standard safety features like lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. These attributes, combined with a strong V6 engine and loads of cargo space, help make the Passport our top-ranked midsize SUV.

Even for interior comfort the 2022 Honda Passport leaves no scope for any complaint. Even the standard equipment listed in it push it in front of many expensive crossovers like heated seats and dual climate control system. On the safety side one can add another layer of visibility by installing the blind-spot monitoring system, suggested the Emeryville Honda dealership.